Rooted in affection

Naumi Studio is a love letter dedicated to The Sailor from the hotel’s original custodian, Lady Naumi

Lady Naumi, the hotel’s original custodian,  was the daughter of a wealthy land developer. On her travels abroad, she fell in love with a humble, merchant sailor.  Sharing a love for new worlds and extraordinary treasures, The Sailor would send Lady Naumi care packages from his voyages all over the world. But all the books, exotic plants and art couldn’t keep her from worrying about him while he was away at sea. She longed for him to return and set down his anchor by her side.


In time, The Sailor promised his next sail would be his last. That he was ready to create a home with her. During his final voyage, Lady Naumi used her inheritance to build a grand hotel for them to run together. Their very own corner of the world where travellers could pass through, bringing the seven seas to Wellington and her Sailor. Creating the hotel with her lover in mind, Lady Naumi filled it with books, treasures he had collected in his travels and little messages for him to find. The hotel is an everlasting love letter from Lady Naumi to her Sailor.

With the hotel complete, all that was missing was The Sailor. Steadfast in her love for him, she waited. As weeks turned to months, the cruel reality set in. The Sailor, with his fate unknown, never came home. Whether he be lost at sea or trapped in another world, he never returned to his love. Heartbroken, Lady Naumi persevered and created the hotel and legacy that stands today. The larger-than-life floral welcome, experienced in the reception and lobby, where Lady Naumi’s portrait hangs, is her message to us. Inspired by the Chinese proverb; flowers may bloom again, but a person never has the chance to be young again, she urges us to take time, not waste it. She continues to watch over her labour of love but not alone.


True love defies limits, and The Sailor resides faithfully by Lady Naumi’s side. In their  very own corner of the world, they call home. Together in this life, their love lives on within Naumi Studio. Through its beauty and dreamlike curiosity that makes you wonder if perhaps you’re dreaming after all.

Naumi Studio proudly showcases the brilliance of New Zealand artists and designers within the hotel. Sweet touches and larger than life creations make Naumi Studio unlike anywhere else and the destination it is. Find yourself down Cuba Street’s rabbit hole and in a world of pure imagination.


Hayley Brown

Designer and artist, Hayley Brown brings imagination to life. Creating the gold leaf, silk floral feature wall in reception is just the start. Her playful squiggle artwork threads our guest rooms together, creating spaces that simultaneously excite and soothe.

“I love creating emotive environments and atmospheres that evoke the feeling of the client’s brand and culture”