Step into our surrealist sanctuary

Where creative cool melts with childlike wonder and curiosity.

turn up or wind down no matter the season.

Queenstown is the peak of sweet escapism for travellers in New Zealand, with a little bit of something for everyone. From high flying adrenaline to chic après ski.

This must be the place

Masters in creating everlasting destinations, The Central Private Hotel is a hillside jewel in the heart of central Queenstown. Taking inspiration from the sublime, surrounding scenery, The Central Private Hotel is a celebration of imagination and the magic found within our natural world.  

Playing on light, shape and colour across our creative common spaces and our spacious, art-filled rooms, The Central by Naumi is hard to leave and impossible to forget. Indulge in the pleasure of leisure when you stay with us. Local staycationers, curious adventurers, intentional visitors and romantic explorers, look no further you’ve arrived. 

Artist Spotlight

Art is integral to the Naumi way of life. At The Central Private we are proud to have worked with local artist Deborah Moss and Wanaka based interiors agency Undercurrent.

Deborah Moss

New Zealand artist Deborah Moss creates colourful and expressive paintings inspired by the dynamic power of nature. Translating her environment, specifically her countryside studios which are nestled into native forest in North Auckland, Moss’ works are poetic expressions brimming with energetic gestures and colour.  

Naumi commissioned Moss to supersize a number of her bright and bold artworks, creating bespoke vinyl wallpaper for our rooms. Framing our beds, Moss’ playful art captivates and transports.  

Every time Moss sells an original artwork, a native tree is planted on her rural property as part of her “Planting hope” initiative to help the environment. There was no better choice than Moss, when playing with the alchemy between nature and fantasy at The Central and we are honoured to have worked with her. 


Naumi enlisted Wanaka based, interiors agency Undercurrent when bringing The Central fantasy to life. Undercurrent’s fresh perspective on the alchemy between environment and energy informs their design approach. When you step into any space, there is always a feeling. When you step into any Naumi, it’s an experience. We are delighted to have worked with Undercurrent in creating thee surreal sanctuary that is The Central. 


“We employed innovative and peculiar design details, playing with exaggerated scales and disproportionate sensory details, to create a tactile and memorable experience for curious travellers” – Liv MacFarlane, Agency Director.