Naumi Art

β€œOur art is what makes us different.”
Be immersed in an impressive trove of art and installations as you journey through Naumi.

Naumi Hotel Singapore has been designed to exude luxury, comfort and style. The engagement between Naumi and her guests start from the hotel’s exterior and carries through to the interiors as part of our guests’ journey.

The hotel facade features a four-story high graffiti mural of a policeman pulling up a wheel clamped sports car by graffiti artist, Tr853-1. This eye-catching spray-painted street art, exclusively commissioned, depicts a traffic warden vigilantly hard at work.

Lifestyle Hotel in Singapore - Artworks at Naumi Hotel Singapore

As you walk through the lobby, a vibrant silhouette greats you through a video installation made up of thousands of different videos playing and forming a pixelated image. The installation consists of three videos set to sync at different times of the day and took 4 months to complete by Singapore’s most decorated contemporary artist, Aiman.

Enlightened by amassing energy from different levels of vibrations and colours utilised in various parts of the body, award winning French photographer, Olivier Henry created lenticular pieces encapsulating a feminine silhouette dancing elegantly. These pieces are inspired by the different colours of the chakras that welcomes you as you step out of the elevator on each floor of the hotel.

The dialogue between Naumi and guest continues through the hotel with 3D word- displays characterising the flirtatious side of Naumi. From dancing elegantly in the lenticulars, these witty word-displays represent an enticing dialogue she engages with her guests in taking them through an adventure.

Boutique Hotel - Beautiful Hotel Rooms - Coco Chanel Inspired Hotel Room at Naumi Hotel Singapore

Venture into the rooms and you will find yourself enclosed in a sensory experience of art and colour through the vivid imagination of Naumi in the Andy Warhol inspired rooms with funky shapes and dramatic pops of colour. For the feminine inspiration, relax in the subdued elegance of the Coco Chanel suites, designed in chic monochromes paired with pale mint green. The luxurious look is complimented by artwork inspired by Coco Chanel’s iconic flower, the Camellia.

Naumi Hotel Singapore not only provides luxurious comfort to its guests, she takes pride in offering a full sensory experience in a warm intimate retreat through its various forms of unique installations and master pieces. This is the Art of Naumi.