A tale of true love...

Lady Naumi was the first owner of the Hotel,  she was a collector of books, animals and oddities. Her lover was a humble merchant sailor  whom she met on her travels abroad.



They shared a love for one another and exotic treasures. The Sailor would often send care packages to her during his voyages with books, exotic plants, artworks and quirky objects. She worried about him constantly while he was away – even though she adored his gifts, she wanted him to give up the seafaring life and take up a safe place at her side. Eventually he gave her his word that he would sail one last journey before settling down.  


While The Sailor was away on his last voyage,  The Lady used her inheritance to set up a beautiful grand hotel that the couple could run together.  She hoped that being surrounded by travellers from other lands, The Sailor would not feel stuck  on one place. Designing the hotel with her lover in mind, she filled the lobby and parlours with all the fabulous books, oddities and objects that she and the Sailor had collected on their journeys around the world — and she left witty yet heartfelt messages in prominent locations for him to find.  


When The Lady had built the hotel, she hired a group  of loyal staff and prepared for her husband’s return.  The staff fell in love with The Lady’s beauty and kind heart, they were almost as excited as her for the return of The Sailor. However The Sailor never returned – lost at sea with an unknown fate.   


The grand floral bouquets in both the reception and lobby are Lady Naumi’s message to us, based on the Chinese proverb, that although flowers may bloom again, a person never has the chance to be young again – so don’t waste your time.  


But our love story does not end here.  Lady  Naumi and the Sailor are together now, for the bonds of true love defy limits.  Lady  Naumi  and the Sailor exist together as the love and beauty showcased in this exquisite hotel.