City Gallery Wellington

Immerse in Art and Culture at City Gallery Wellington with Naumi Studio Wellington
Experience the Creative Pulse of Wellington’s Vibrant Arts Scene

Welcome to the heart of Wellington’s thriving arts scene, where City Gallery Wellington awaits to captivate and inspire you with its cutting-edge contemporary art. At Naumi Studio Wellington, we celebrate the city’s rich cultural tapestry and invite our discerning guests to explore the ever-evolving exhibitions and programs at this premier art destination.

Discovering Art and Culture: Exhibitions and Programs at City Gallery Wellington
City Gallery Wellington is renowned for showcasing thought-provoking and innovative works from both local and international artists. With a dynamic calendar of exhibitions, installations, and programs, you’ll find yourself immersed in the artistic spirit that permeates the city. From provocative contemporary pieces to insightful retrospectives, the Gallery promises a fascinating and enriching experience.

Engage and Connect: Gallery Events and Workshops
City Gallery Wellington extends beyond its captivating exhibitions, offering a diverse range of events, workshops, and educational programs that encourage engagement and connection with the arts. Whether you’re an avid art enthusiast or a curious first-time visitor, the Gallery’s vibrant community will welcome you with open arms.

Visiting City Gallery Wellington: Entry Fee and Opening Hours
Entry to City Gallery Wellington is free, allowing visitors to explore and appreciate the world of contemporary art without any barriers. The Gallery is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm. Please note that specific exhibitions or events may have different opening hours or ticketing requirements.

Getting to City Gallery Wellington from Naumi Studio Wellington
Located just a short walk from Naumi Studio Wellington, City Gallery Wellington is easily accessible and convenient for guests staying at our boutique hotel. Our friendly staff will be delighted to provide you with directions and local tips to ensure a seamless journey to the Gallery.

Exploring Wellington’s Vibrant Arts Scene: Nearby Galleries and Museums
Beyond City Gallery Wellington, the city boasts a diverse array of artistic and cultural institutions. Venture to the nearby Wellington Museum, Te Papa Tongarewa, or the New Zealand Portrait Gallery to delve deeper into the city’s rich artistic heritage.

Weekend Exhibitions Tours
Explore the exhibitions with guided tours, available most Saturdays and Sundays. For private tours tailored to your group of ten or more, contact the Public Programmes Team to book your experience.

Gallery Map
Get a copy of the up-to-date Gallery Map to explore the location of the latest exhibitions in City Gallery Wellington.
Find one for yourself at the front desk or download it for convenience.

Book Your Stay at Naumi Studio Wellington Today
Embrace the creative spirit of Wellington with a luxurious stay at Naumi Studio Wellington, where art and culture come alive at your doorstep. Reserve your sanctuary in the heart of the city and unlock unparalleled access to City Gallery Wellington and the vibrant arts scene that defines this captivating destination.

Frequently Asked Questions About City Gallery Wellington


How to get to City Gallery Wellington from Naumi Studio Wellington?
To get to City Gallery Wellington from Naumi Studio Wellington, take the bus number 2 or 3 which runs along Cuba Street. The journey takes about 10 minutes and the cost is NZ$2.50 for a single ticket. Alternatively, you can also Walk from Naumi Studio Wellington to City Gallery Wellington, which takes around 20-25mins

Who is the curator of City Gallery Wellington?
A: City Gallery Wellington is currently curated by Robert Leonard, who has been the gallery’s curator since 2010. He has a wealth of experience in curating exhibitions and he is passionate about bringing new and exciting artwork to the public.

Who are some of the featured artists at the City Gallery Wellington?
Some of the notable artists featured in recent exhibitions include Ani O’Neill, Maureen Lander, Fiona Amundsen, Reuben Paterson and many more. The gallery is constantly updating its exhibition schedule with new works from established and emerging talent.

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