Unveiling Project 210's first pop-up concept design as featured in Singapore Design Week 2019, Tyler hums the tune of Tyler the Creator's latest album, Flower Boy.
3 Pop-Up Concepts to Design Beautiful Hotel Rooms In Singapore; Singapore design week; hospitality; design week

Tucked in a quiet corner on the second-floor of the hotel, Room 210 is the only twin-bedded room that extends to an interconnecting room – perfect for a staycation party with your besties! Tyler is the first pop-up concept in Project 210, taking this unique room and working together with students to flip it to an Instagram-worthy hotel room.

The first pop-up concept is inspired by Tyler the Creator’s latest album, Flower Boy, bringing together a winning formula of bold eclectic prints and clashing colours to inject the room with vibrant energy. The interior will include a cacophony of colours from the album art that used clashing colours and patterns to disrupt the eye. This design comes together to promote the feeling of a dreamlike state and playfulness, reflecting the overall ambience of the album and his general persona.


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