Naumi Hotel Singapore is a state-of-the-art luxury boutique hotel located a stone’s throw away from a myriad of events, boutique and mall shopping, attractions and train stations. See what’s happening in and around the hotel here.

Great Singapore Sale 2022

If the word ‘shopping’ makes your eyes sparkle, then pick an empty suitcase and get ready for the Great Singapore Sale. This outstanding event held in Singapore every year offers massive discounts across a myriad of retail stores.

Singapore Grand Prix

The Singapore Grand Prix is the motor racing event of the year, forming part of the Formula One World Championship. The event takes place on the Marina Bay Street Circuit and takes place over 60 laps.

Marina Bay Countdown 2022

Revel in Singapore’s iconic New Year’s Eve celebration! Feast your eyes as Marina Bay is illuminated by vibrant light beams and projections to uplift our spirits and welcome the New Year.