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    Paksa Bar & Restaurant

    Paksa, ‘wing of a bird’ in Sanskrit, is the heart and soul of the hotel and oers Asian-inspired dishes and classics with a focus on health and well-being. Led by executive chef Luke Bottner who gets his inspiration from seasonal ingredients, goes by the philosophy to delight and impress.

    With something for everyone for any occasion, you can start your day with a healthy spread for breakfast or drop by for quick lunch with Paksa’s unique bento lunch box. For post work drinks, enjoy a selection of wines and cocktails along with bar bites. For special occasions, Paksa does not disappoint with an a la carte selection in a warm, intimate setting.

    Open daily from 6am to 10pm. In-room dining is also available through Paksa for our hotel guests, 24/7.


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    We have our menus in Braille too! Just ask our Gurus when you dine at Paksa.


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