Naumi's Art

“Art will always be a big part of who we are.”
Be immersed in an impressive trove of art and installations as you journey through our hotel.

A customised 2.5-meter bird cage and chandelier beckons from the hotel’s entrance. A towering 24-carat gold-textured wall greets you as you approach the front desk. Commissioned to the NY Art Department, the wall represents the feathered nape of the Tui Bird. Spot 95 gold discs hand painted with feather pattern as you continue through the lounge area – also commissioned to the NY Art Department.

Auckland Airport Hotel - Lobby at Naumi Hotel Auckland Airport - Gold-textured wall
Auckland Airport Hotel - Rugs in the rooms at Naumi Hotel Auckland Airport

Feast your sights on the eclectic mix of handpicked pieces of accessories and furnishings found throughout the hotel – featuring famed designers like Skultana (UK), Jonathan Adler (USA), Max Gimblett (NZ), Zanotta (IT), Arnold Palmer (NZ), Kartell (IT), Poltrana Frau (IT) and more.

Belynda Henry, Australian-based artist and winner of the prestigious NSW Wynne prize was specially commissioned to capture the natural landscape of the Auckland landscape, has her original pieces showcased in the hotel’s lobby. These artworks are also transformed onto rugs in guest rooms, facilitating the interaction and engagement with guests and the natural landscapes through art.

The rugs in the rooms represent vibrancy and have a playful interpretation of the beauty of the Tui bird’s native surroundings. As you step onto the walkable pieces of art, you are connecting with the natural habitat of the Tui bird through the sense of touch.

Luxurious Auckland Airport Hotel - Oasis room at Naumi Hotel Auckland Airport

New Zealand based designer Judi Bagust was commissioned to work on original pieces for Naumi Auckland Airport in capturing the lyrical notes of the singing Tui bird. The original pieces are seen in the main dining area, Paksa Bar & Restaurant, while guest rooms are furnished with limited edition re-prints in customised brass frames.

With art being a strong focus for Bagust, she gracefully encapsulates the lyrical notes of the Tui Bird as it sings in an elegant formation of twists and turns. Her pieces add to the visual features and inspiration of New Zealand’s native bird for which the hotel’s key theme is based on.

‘Seemingly floating in space, Bagust’s brushed ink marks stretch, loop and fold across their paper substrate in one elegant, oscillating movement. Within each mark, the fine linear trails of individual brush bristles mimic and echo each other’s every twist and turn. The effect is that of a delicate yet lively stratum: a fleeting sliver of a memory of a geological form or musical phrase.